🌳 We plant 12 trees for your order (yep, 12)

πŸ₯³ Yeah, 2 KAMIDO Packs = free shipping

We plant 12 trees for every order

Our partner organization Eden Reforestation Projects is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (ID: 95-4804581) focused on global reforestation. Founded in 2004, Eden is one of the most appreciated NPO in this area and plants millions of trees around the world every year.


+400 million trees planted

Our partner organization was founded in 2004 and planted already more than 400 million trees around the world. Their objective for 2025 is to plant 500 million trees each (!) year. We are happy to support Eden Reforestation Projects on their 2025 goal. It's much more than "only" planting trees: it's about lifting tens of thousands of people from extreme poverty. 


CO2 sequestration & more

Trees are crucial for our planet - more than 1.6 billion people rely on forest resources. Trees give us oxygen that we need to survive. Trees help clean the air that we breathe and store carbon*. Trees are home for wonderful animals & plants. One quarter of our medicine is sourced from trees & plants.
*A mature tree can absorb on average 22kg carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. 


Positive global impact

We love to create a positive global impact from South America (Amazon Rainforest), to Africa (e.g. Kenya) and Asia (e.g. Indonesia). Instead of hiring foreign volunteers, we love the holistic approach to collaborate with local families to plant native tree species. This approach enables a long-term income. In addition, the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them.

Case Study:
Kijabe Forest (Kenya)

Our partner organization started working with the local community in 2019. They are working in multiple Kenyan locations, one of them is the Kijabe Forest within the Great Rift Valley.

The Kijabe Forest is home for a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals such as leopards and black & white colobus monkeys. The Kijabe Forest is an essential ecosystem for over 200,000 people.

🌳 Over 1,8 million trees planted in Kenya
πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸŒΎ Supporting local families
πŸ† Restore Wildlife Habitat
πŸ’§ Reliable Water Supply
🌟 Landslide Protection

Do you want to know more about the organization & projects?
Please find detailed information on the Eden Reforestation Projects website


How did you choose your partner organization?
There are many wonderful organizations who try to make the world a better place. The team & philosophy of Eden Reforestation Projects amazed us from the first moment. They don’t hire foreign volunteers for tree plantings, but give power to local families in order to lift them out of extreme poverty. The mission is to plant millions of native tree species every single year. They are recognized as one of the most cost-effective reforestation NPO of the world while having not only an important environmental, but also strong social mission.   

Do you really plant 12 trees per order?
Yes! It's even better: Every order of a 12-pack KAMIDO equals 12 trees planted. Thus if you buy two packs, we will plant 24 trees (and so forth). At the end of every month, we donate to our partner organization.

Do you send tree certificates?
We love cost efficiency and maximum output. This is why we don't send any tree certificates and prefer to plant 12 trees instead. However, if you hold a KAMIDO beverage in your hand, you know that we planted a tree for you (& that you put a smile on many friendly faces, see our picture from Nepal) πŸ€—

Do you send any updates?
We are happy to share the updates via our newsletter as well as our social media channels (e.g. Instagram: @kamidocom)