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Our Philosophy

Take a deep breath through your nose. Breathe out through your mouth. Close your eyes and repeat.

We are living in a hectic society, smartphones are constantly buzzing, email inboxes are getting flooded and we face tight deadlines in our everyday work. We feel exhausted, tired, perhaps even suffer from anxiety. In order to feel energized, we drink coffee. Unfortunately, coffee has negative effects in how it interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain and can cause feelings of restlessness and anxiety. In other words: Drinking coffee re-creates stress conditions. 

This is why we wanted to create a functional beverage, which is more effective than coffee and energy drinks – but with the calm effect of tea. A drink that could be consumed by monks (meditation power) as well as warriors (calm alertness). KAMIDO provides premium wellbeing functional beverages which are effective, tasty, sugar free, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. Our philosophy is based on following three pillars: Health, Functionality and Sustainability. 

Our Story

神 KAMI is Japanese and means ‘natural spirit’. Forests, streams and mountains all have their own kami. In the 8th century (yep, 1,200 years ago), monks brought the first tea seeds to Japan. Today, Japan is well-known for their tea culture and especially for it’s tea ceremony which is characterized by harmony & tranquility. Inspired by the tea ceremony, the idea of KAMIDO was born.

Our name and origin are Japanese. But we are a truly international company: Our HQ is in the heart of Switzerland, our certified organic production partner (family-owned boutique brewery) is located in Germany and our premium ingredients are sourced from around the world. We believe that living in a globalized society shouldn’t be shaped by mistrust and hate, but love and learning.  


Our Founder

KAMIDO was founded by Derya Baris - an Entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He created his first website at age 11 (yup, it included some really funny GIFs) and founded his first company at age 18. He is excited about Innovation & Entrepreneurship, E-Mobility and the NBA.

Due to his fructose intolerance, he was always shocked to see the high sugar content in our daily beverages. In addition, there was a lack of truthful functionality. He started to create new mixtures of tea and felt energized, focused and healthy. It always felt superior to coffee and energy drinks. It’s time for a functional beverage, which gives you natural energy & focus.